letter to the editor

Volunteering with Chloe

Mon, 05/11/2020 - 4:15pm

    Dear Editor:

    Since late March I have been privileged to volunteer with Chloe Maxmin, candidate for State Senate in District 13 (all of Lincoln County plus Washington and Windsor). When the coronavirus crisis hit, instead of politicking, Chloe thought it more important to call every senior in the district to make sure they’re OK and to offer whatever help they might need.

    We volunteers with Chloe have made some 11,000 calls and have talked with nearly 4,000 people. Thankfully, most folks are OK, but we’ve helped more than 100 with food assistance, urgent medical issues, access to prescription medications or navigating the unemployment system. For those who are lonely, we set up a buddy system to check in and cheer them up. It was a joy to make these calls!

    Most importantly, we connected with our neighbors in a new, mutually supportive way—what a refreshing way to do politics! Public service rather than personal power is the inspiration for and essence of Chloe’s platform and mission.

    I’ve known and admired Chloe since she was a young girl growing up on her family’s farm in Nobleboro. She was a star at Lincoln Academy and away at college after that, but she came back to her roots here in Maine. She is currently representative of District 88 (Chelsea, Whitefield, Jefferson, half of Nobleboro) in the State Legislature and holds two jobs.

    On Nov. 3, I will be delighted to vote to elect Chloe Maxmin our State Senator. As her outstanding record and creative commitment to helping seniors weather the coronavirus pandemic demonstrate, Chloe is uniquely qualified to serve and help us build even healthier, more productive and resilient communities.

    Susan Stedman

    Westport Island