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Tuscan meatballs

Wed, 01/22/2020 - 8:00am

Wicked cold snap … not liking it much myself.

Co-ed Saturday morning basketball at the YMCA is done for another year. Watching the growth of all of the kiddos is so awesome to watch. I want to wish good luck to our Seahawks. Finish strong, guys and gals.

Homemade Tuscan meatballs … they are easy and done quite differently than my meatballs. Grocery list includes: One pound of sliced all-beef baloney or ham; one pound of ground pork and one pound of burger; three slices of stale bread; one egg; a half cup of white wine; salt and pepper (tablespoon of each); two cloves of fresh garlic finely chopped; and a quarter cup of milk.

First, add your meats to a bowl, chop up your ham of your choice (beef baloney is what I used). Soak your bread in the milk (after the bread has soaked up the milk, squeeze the excess out and add to the meat mixture), then add your eggs, chopped garlic, and salt and pepper. Roll out your meatballs. I make good-sized ones. Heat up your pan with extra virgin olive oil on the stove top on medium heat. Make sure your pan has a cover. While searing, add your half cup of white wine after you turn them over, then place your lid on until done, cooked through for about 20 minutes. When done, set aside.

I made a simple marinara sauce with fresh basil and garlic … and, of course, red wine. It’s so simple and delicious. I use just plain spaghetti. That’s what my husband requested, LOL. Side salad and garlic bread were made by my dear friend Kris. Boom, you have a nice hot comfort dish for a really cold night.

Want to say happy 75th birthday to Connie Heroy. We had a wonderful celebration at Brady’s Sunday night. Cheers to many more.

I also want to thank Eddie Crocker and all the coaches who helped make this year’s Saturday morning basketball another huge success … Hats off to you all.

Stay warm and keep moving!