Torin Muccino releases two new singles

Sun, 05/10/2020 - 10:30am

Building on the momentum established with his debut record “For The Times,” singer/songwriter Torin Muccino has made his official return to the scene with two brand-new tunes in advance of his upcoming record coming out in 2020.

Delving deep into a dark acoustic blend of his own design, where beautiful melodies take twisted turns and captivate listeners through his signature style of highly expressive vocals and thought-provoking lyricism – Torin’s latest releases of “Adeline” and “Eyes Wide Shut” confirm what his fans and supporters have come to know by heart; he has the X-factor.

Both singles are coming out with their own videos to provide entertainment from the eyes to the ears to people all over the world during this time of worldwide isolation. Aiming to provide a little light through the dark with new songs that are as exciting and suspenseful as they are brilliantly crafted and performed, “Adeline” and “Eyes Wide Shut” represent some of Torin’s finest songwriting to-date, with each track possessing its own distinct characteristics that haunt the heart and satisfy the soul at the very same time.

Join Muccino as he surges towards his 2020 record by unleashing two spectacular lead-singles that are guaranteed to turn the slightest spark of interest in his music into a full-on blaze of passion for it. For more information, visit

Muccino’s father, Chris Muccino, formerly of Wiscasset, is one of the musicians in the band Forest City and formerly of Liquid Daydream and Endless Interstate.