Press release

Tom Moroney announces candidacy for House District 48

Wed, 04/27/2022 - 10:00am

On Tuesday evening, April 26, Tom Moroney confirmed his candidacy for Maine State Representative House District 48.

“Hello Lincoln County, and a special hello to those of you who call House District 48 home, my name is Tom Moroney a resident of Boothbay. After successfully securing enough petitions back in March to have my name appear on the primary ballot, I have spent the last several weeks crossing our District from Montsweag Bay to Johns Bay, traveling large portions of the Sheepscot and Damariscotta rivers meeting with our neighbors as I sought to qualify as a Clean Election candidate. Many of you welcomed me into your homes or chatted over a porch railing where I listened to your hopes and concerns. I met businesspeople, retirees, veterans, lobstermen, educators, single parents, and the unemployed. I met Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and those checked-out of anything political. In the process, I secured contributions from every town within the district, more than enough to be certified as a Clean Election candidate. My daily travels taught me that our neighbors beyond the fence and behind a front door are much more complex, nuanced, and diverse than one would have ever imagined, even within a small slice of Maine’s mid-coast. Diversity that needs to be embraced and engaged; and nuances that need to be understood and appreciated. The meet and greets at times frightened me with concern for the level of divisiveness, yet more often brightened my spirit when I witnessed the capacity of humanity up close in the eyes, facial expressions, and stories of our neighbors.

“This journey of discovery and awakening has led me to conclude that people are very concerned and that not enough is being done. The trust embodied within a single $5 campaign contribution whether someone handed me a check, a single bill, multiple bills or coins is truly remarkable; often people reached into a pocket, a wallet, ran out to a car or scurried back into a home ... your generosity always left a deep impression. Therefore, I am in the race as a candidate to be your next State Representative for District 48 (Boothbay, Boothbay Harbor, Edgecomb, Westport Island, Southport and Bristol); and more importantly, I plan to earn your support and your vote on Primary Day June 14, 2022 as the Democrat to move onto the general election. I am ready for this challenge of public service, eager to bring a fresh perspective of delivery, and committed to diffusing the divisive tribalism that limits our progress and threatens democracy. Democrats have very good ideas, and a compelling vision for tomorrow. I will amplify that with clear, simple messaging and a relentless drive to deliver progress today. We need political leadership at all levels that will listen intently and then communicate in plain English in a way that makes sense to all people. We need leaders who will unite people in the cause of a mid-coast renewal and the strengthening of our shared state. Please join me in moving Forward Together as we work to build vibrant communities with a sense of belonging for all, that foster sustainable prosperity, not exploitive capitalism and do it while maintaining quality places today and tomorrow.”