Thirty-four earn ‘Seahawk Proud’ coins for March

Posted:  Thursday, April 11, 2019 - 7:30am

Kindness is breaking out all over Boothbay Region High School as 34 more students and staff members received Seahawk Proud coins for March. Almost one third of nominations came from one event. The recent blood drive resulted in 14 “Seahawk Proud” recipients.

Wyatt Timberlake was nominated for his work on the teacher dance video “Uptown Funk” and giving the gift of life as a blood donor. Also recognized for giving blood were Hannah Cola, Savanah Sedivy,  Cally Rose Margaret and  Gerald Gagne. Other students participated as blood drive volunteers: Della Hahn, Kayla Latter, Nick Morley, Jaime DeBenito, Maren Whitney, Larisa Greenleaf, Kali Andrews, Kelsey Poore and Vanessa Steele.

Three students received recognition for participating in the Relationship Mapping activity: Kailee Campbell, Riley Sullivan and Reagan Cola. Campbell received a second nomination for helping clean up following a past Seahawk Proud celebration.

Staff members Martha Landry and Caitlin Shepherd received nominations. Landry participated in the “Uptown Funk” video and Shepherd brought balloons into the resource room during tournament week. Students Adam Hobson and Jason Michael received nominations by a teacher for “patience and enthusiasm” beyond what is expected in a science classroom. Two nominations were for students becoming Boothbay junior firefighters: Jaden Arsenault and Jordan Pait. 

Joey Lane was nominated for showing kindness above and beyond at his workplace. Principal Dan Welch received recognition for shoveling out his family following a snowstorm. Sean Marston and Aidan Stoddard also received nominations for cleaning up spilled flowers.

Matthew Hyson received a nomination for snow shoveling, sweeping and cleaning, and “never hesitates to jump in and do what needs to be done.” Zach Rollins received recognition for helping move boxes into storage and for his overall willingness to help. 

Maddy Barter received a nomination for lending her car to a friend for a driver’s test. Riley Faulkingham received recognition for cleaning up spilled coffee without any request. Two local businesses received recognition. Brady’s got a nomination for hosting a community pep rally for the Lady Seahawks basketball team’s players, family and whole community. Coastal Maine Popcorn received recognition as “amazing monthly sponsors.” 

Deb Russell received recognition for making beautiful additions to the Community Service Spotlight in the cafeteria. Isabel Harkins was nominated for her enthusiasm for learning, ability to help others, and maintaining a positive attitude. 

Zaida Smith received recognition for being persistent and being willing to re-do lab work with her group. Brogan Barter received a nomination for getting the lift in proper position for senior pictures.

Seahawk Proud Coins are awarded each month of the school year. Each ceremony is held on the last school day of the month.