’Round Town

Thank you

Wed, 06/12/2019 - 7:30am

What a wonderful stretch of days! The weather. The weather. The weather. It seemed so much better, too, because of constant wet and chilly. A welcomed change.

And there was plenty of outside stuff to do. So many tasks it was difficult to know where to start. So I started by helping my wife clean a cottage she manages on Spruce Point for John Druce. I washed windows, vacuumed and swept pine needles off the patio, stripped the bed and gathered used towels from the bathroom. These “skills” were developed at the Tugboat Inn years ago when the cleaning staff was overwhelmed. Not rocket science, but a steady diet is very exhausting. Anyone who has worked the housekeeping circuit can tell you, at the end of the day, there’s not much left.

The chore I disliked then and still, to this day find most irritating, is loading on a fitted sheet. When I do it alone I never put the darned things on properly and have to keep flipping it from end to end and side to side. And get out the wrinkles!

The good thing about the Spruce Point gig, though, is that I get to enjoy the view. Across the bay is breathtaking toward Burnt Island, and more enjoyed when gracefully punctuated by a visit from Mr. Morton in his new lobster boat Miss Conduct. I took a break and watched as Captain Morton slid up next to the Spruce Point shores, pulling traps, circling and chugging off to his next set. A fine looking vessel, captain.

Then I went home to knock down some grass. I need to sharpen the blades on the mower.

The icing on the cake was my great joy to photograph the picture perfect wedding of locals Kim Reed and Jasper Nutt at the Squire Tarbox Inn on Westport. It was a dazzlingly beautiful afternoon with fun visits and old friends. What a treat to be with two kiddos I’d known since babies. Families and guests gathered to celebrate a very special event. A perfect way to celebrate the glorious weather and count our blessings.

Thank you.