Thank you, Hannaford!

Wed, 05/06/2020 - 12:45pm

    A blast of horns from 30 to 40 cars, a poignant “Thank You” message read over a public address system, thank you signs posted on a sandwich board, cardboard and windshields provided a moving show of support to Boothbay Harbor Hannaford employees Wednesday morning, May 6.

    Organized by Sue Burge, Jane Carpenter, Nancy Van Dyke and others who wanted to thank and recognize the Hannaford employees for being on the front line during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the thankful customers of the supermarket parked in the Meadow Mall parking lot across the road from Hannaford for the event.

    As store manager Nikki Emerson led the 15 or so employees out of the store just before 10 a.m., horns started blaring, and people started waving their hands and their signs. The employees, in kind, waved back, made heart shapes with their hands, and some hauled out their cell phones to record the moment. 

    Local videographer, disc jockey and IT business owner Darrell Gudroe then read his short message thanking the Hannaford employees for their work and being their “for us” during this pandemic.

    Smiles – some hidden behind the safety masks – and cheers concluded the brief but touching tribute, as Hannaford employees returned to their job of providing the region with food and more.