letter to the editor

Tell Congress to support climate legislation

Mon, 12/10/2018 - 4:30pm

Dear Editor:

Many of us worry about the climate reports issued in October by global scientists (IPCC) and then recently by 13 federal agencies (National Climate Assessment). The takeaways are that the science has been settled for 40 years – burning fossil fuels is warming the planet at an alarming rate; the predictions of dire consequences are being realized and worse is yet to come if we do not take action.

In coastal Maine we worry about fisheries, sea level rise, agriculture, forests, health, droughts and intense storms.

Hope and action is within reach. Last week three Republicans (Francis Rooney R-FL-19, Brian Fitzpatrick R-PA-08, David Trott R-MI-11) and three Democrats (Ted Deutch D-FL-22, Charlie Crist D-FL-13, John Delaney D-MD- 06) introduced the first bipartisan climate bill to Congress in a decade. The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act levies a steadily rising fee on carbon pollution and returns all revenue equally to American households.

This bill is a market-based approach with bipartisan support. It will quickly reduce carbon pollution while putting money back in people’s pockets; it will save lives and improve health by cleaning our air, and it will spur investment, innovation and growth in green energy businesses. This revenue neutral policy will not grow the government.

It is time to set aside partisan issues and for the good of our planet, start addressing the threat of climate change by supporting the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.

Please contact our members of Congress – Senator Susan Collins, Senator Angus King and Congresswoman Chellie Pingree -- and ask them to support this very important piece of legislation.

Dodie Jones