letter to the editor

Stop the censorship

Mon, 01/13/2020 - 3:00pm

Dear Editor:

Recently, my family and I were watching “The Incredible Dr. Pol,” a veterinarian show on the new platform Disney Plus. This TV show was on National Geographic and  has always shown every aspect of the medical procedures. Now, the majority of the surgeries that involve any blood or fluids are censored on Disney Plus. My family and I enjoy the educational aspects of the show; we used to be able to learn from it. In my opinion, those who do not want to see the so-called “gruesome content,” should choose to not watch the show. It is not fair to take a previously straightforward show and make it “family safe” by blurring out all the surgical procedures. What is the point of the show then?

I have noticed lately that a lot more television content has been blurred out or censored. The television platforms are worried about offending people, so they cut out or censor the content. This content is either meant as a joke in a comedy program or is something they classify as “disturbing” or “gruesome content,” as in “The Incredible Dr. Pol.” Shows and movies like these have always had ratings that reflect their content or have messages at the beginning warning the viewers of such content. Disney Plus has removed this and, instead, has started to censor everything. Why not go back to putting these messages and ratings back in and not ruining the show? It’s about time for people to stop being offended over every little thing; it just ruins it for people like me, who want to learn from the content or just have a good laugh. I encourage like-minded viewers to contact their programming providers to demand the end of censorship.

Sydney Blake

Boothbay Harbor