Stephen King illustrator in Boothbay Harbor

Glenn Chadbourne does some not-so-spooky touch-ups
Fri, 06/10/2016 - 8:45am

The guy who's famous for doing spooky illustrations for Stephen King books was in Boothbay Harbor on June 9 doing some not-so-spooky touch-ups on a mural.

The mural that Glenn Chadbourne first painted for China by the Sea on Townsend Avenue in 2001 had gotten in some disrepair.

“This is a testament to house paint right here,” the artist said. “It's lasted, on cement, for 15 years, with people crashing into it, and snowplows backing into it.”

He started the fix-up at 8 a.m. with a coat of white paint over the whole 100 or so feet of wall. “I'm quick on the draw,” he said. “And it's latex.”

Next he applied a couple coats of different shades of blue over the water and sky. “A little dash on that lobster trap over there and a little shadow of blue in the water and I'm finito benito,” Chadbourne said, in classic Glenn Chadbourne style.

Chadbourne said the job was pro bono. “I like doing it. I'll get some Chinese food for the wife and me. I'm counting on karma. You put it out there and hope it comes back.”