Boothbay Region Garden Club

Spring in the making

Posted:  Thursday, April 12, 2018 - 7:45am

Nan Jackson, current co-chair of the Garden Therapy team for the Boothbay Region Garden Club, is very adept at creating interesting and timely projects for the residents at St Andrews Village.

Below, she describes this month's activity inspired by the upcoming volunteer tea to be hosted by residents to thank those who freely give of their time and energy at the Village all year round:

“The usual group of club members met yesterday and worked with a number of lovely ladies with a spring-themed craft.

“A future spring tea party was the inspiration for the item that was made. Question. What kind of decorations could be used for a festive tea party in April when supposedly the snow has disappeared and buds or shoots of early flowers have begun to push through the ground? The usual adornments could include a vase of flowers, a pastel tablecloth along with prettily patterned china for delectables to go with the tea. So what might the residents contribute? The answer was to make fancy napkin holders for each place setting. This is how it was done. It began with medium sized white lacy doilies that were folded into a triangle. Colorful paper flowers were added next. The multiple grouping of flowers was attached to one end of a green pipe cleaner by the residents. Three stems of flowers were added to each doily. In order for the pocket form to stay closed, an additional special decorative flower was attached. The final step was to fold a colorful napkin into the gaily decorated holder. Those who participated hope that all the guests to the future tea party will be delightfully surprised by their handiwork.”

And voila! The residents became engaged in creating a charming and functional table favor that they will proudly display as part of the table settings for their guests at the annual Spring Volunteer Tea!

The BRGC Garden Therapy team will be attending the tea on April 19 along with all the other volunteers who will be feted by staff and residents of the Gregory Wing and Safe Havens. Garden Therapy is just one of several committees within the Garden Club that reaches out to benefit the community. Contact Sandra Abernathy (633-0392) or Alice Schambra (633-7162) for more information on how to become a member of the Boothbay Region Garden Club.