letter to the editor

Spectrum is afraid of competition

Mon, 06/20/2022 - 3:00pm

Dear Editor:

Spectrum’s letter to the editor (June 16) is an expected reaction to their fear of competition from fiber optic broadband. They have known for over a year that Southport voted for the opportunity for every household to choose upgraded internet but they waited until the last minute to introduce confusion and claim that they are focused on connecting unserved homes with Spectrum internet. They have also done this in other towns when superior fiber optic became an option.

I have tried for years to get internet from Spectrum, the latest attempt on April 21. I was told that our house was 16 telephones from service so sorry, can’t help you. Competition would help keep Spectrum’s price down and the fiber option will help not just the unserved homes but also those who are dissatisfied with Spectrum’s service.

Spectrum can’t compete with Axiom’s commitment to provide every home the option for cheaper and superior broadband, no price increase for four years and free installation, no matter how many telephone poles away we are.

Maureen Kinsey