From the editor

Sox, Celtics and Bruins

Wed, 05/08/2019 - 8:45am

I'm leaving the Patriots out because it's only May and some of us are still smiling from witnessing another Super Bowl victory three months ago.

But it has been a busy month for my TV remote, flipping from baseball, hockey and basketball, as the three Boston teams have been in action.

The Red Sox have started slow but the "stars" are starting to get hot, i.e., Mookie Betts, Zander Boegarts, and J.D. Martinez. The pitching needs to be consistent but I do see them going after another starter in case Nathan Eovaldi doesn't make it back from surgery. Still very early in the season.

The headline lists the Celtics second, but I'm leaving them until last.

The Bruins have played very well during the Stanley Cup playoffs and are now in the Eastern Conference final for the first time in six years. I admit that I don't watch regular season hockey because I enjoy watching basketball more but when it comes to the playoffs, it's do or die and teams seem to step up their game a bit more. Less fighting and more hustle. Could we have another Boston championship? Remains to be seen but I like their chances.

The Celtics. The Milwaukee Bucks have dominated Boston since the Celtics' first-game win in the series. As of Tuesday, Boston is one game from elimination (might be over if you read this in the paper on Thursday after Wednesday's game in Milwaukee). In their only win, they looked like a team, but on Monday, there was no teamwork and a lot of missed shots (Kyrie Irving was 7 of 22 and has made only 19 of 62 shots – 4 of 20 from 3-point range – since game 1). There were a lot of questions about their lack of cohesiveness during the regular season and it remains in the playoffs. It will be an interesting off season should the Bucks send the C's home with a convincing loss.

The Patriots' first game is on Sept. 8. Can't wait.