Southport selectmen, Land for Southport’s future sign agreement on Gardner property

Posted:  Tuesday, December 12, 2017 - 9:00am

At their Dec. 6 meeting, the Southport Selectmen signed a purchase and sale agreement with Land for Southport’s Future (LFSF) for the sale of the Ruth Gardner property across from Hendricks Head Beach.

“It is very gratifying to have the continued unanimous support of Southport’s Select Board members as Land for Southport’s Future works toward their goal to preserve this historic part of our Southport coastline for the use and enjoyment of the generations who come after us,” said LFSF Board member Nancy Prisk.

LFSF’s immediate goal is to continue raising the funds needed for the purchase of this property.  With the agreement signed, once the purchase is complete, the town of Southport can pay off the loan that was taken in 2013 when the people of Southport voted unanimously to purchase the entire property, section off the part of Hendricks Head Beach to be owned by the town, and sell the remainder of the land and Ruth’s home.  The asking price since its listing in 2013 has been $849,000.

During the past four years many folks in the Southport community have expressed their concern for what is already very limited public access to our island’s coastline. They recognize that LFSF’s initiative will make it possible for a historically and culturally significant part of Southport to be preserved and accessible forever.

Roger Christie, nephew of former Southport resident, environmentalist Rachel Carson, expressed the following sentiments: “Looking back at the 60-plus years that I have spent here, one thing really strikes me, is that there is an urgent need to preserve land on this very precious island before it becomes overdeveloped. Land for Southport's Future understands this need. Please save ‘Ruth's House’ now while you can, because if it's sold to a private buyer it's gone, and that's it.”

Meredith (Mac) MacKusick, third generation Southport summer resident, said: “We made a contribution to Land for Southport's Future because we believe that preserving Ruth's house as a gathering place for residents and visiting artists is a wonderful way to recognize her contribution as map maker, artist, and involved member of the Southport
community. I wish you every success with your continued fundraising activity. All of us on Southport will benefit from the preservation of this historic property and the knowledge that Ruth's legacy will live on.”

Land for Southport’s Future (LFSF) is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization established to create a sustainable fund to buy and preserve land and resources on Southport Island for use by the entire Southport community and to give the people of Southport an ongoing voice in the island’s future. The Gardner property is LFSF’s first community project. For more information, please contact Nancy Prisk, founder of Land For Southport’s Future, at 207-217-7743 or