Southport overturns May 7, 2021 vote on broadband project

Tue, 06/28/2022 - 10:30pm

Southport voters overturned the May 7, 2021 vote and the selectmen have been told to terminate any existing contracts related to the build out or operation of the fiber optic network on the island and liquidate any personal or real property bought for the planned fiber optic network in the June 28 secret ballet vote, according to Town Clerk Donna Climo. The vote was 144 yes, 129 no, with two blank ballots on Article 2.

Article 3, which authorized selectmen to continue with the project, was turned down by a vote of 124 yes, 144 no, with seven blank ballots

Article 4, which authorized selectmen to apply for grants for the project, was turned down by a vote of 126 yes, 134 no, with 15 blank ballots.