Southport Junior Yacht Club

Tue, 07/09/2019 - 7:15am

3...2...1...Splash! Another BMD (Beautiful Maine Day) to start off the week. As instructors and children arrived, they were greeted by Will’s contagious smiles and the energy of excited younger siblings and cousins. Soon enough, it was nine o’clock and Week 3 of the program was beginning. The circle was so full that some of the older sailors had to sit on the ground in the middle, a common sight in the afternoon class, to make room for everybody. Excitement grew as parents watched from the porch, attendance was taken, and the instructors introduced themselves, this week and included their favorite ice cream flavor. As three junior instructors hopped into a rowboat, the six swimmers got ready to jump into the frigid waters and join the SYC family. This week, Lelia Hilmo, Sawyer Hilmo, Jackson Maher, Robin Rame, Philippa Schoenthal and Sophia Waters took on this challenge. When asked about how the water was, I heard “It was pretty warm” and that it was “Cold but really good.” As swimmers warmed up and sailors were assigned their boats, junior instructors and helpers were sent out in rowboats to pull turnabouts out of the mud, a task only necessary at the lowest tide. Soon enough sails were raised and everyone was off their moorings ... just as the wind decided to shift and slowly die. The morning quickly became “no wind Monday” and sailors paddled their way out of the harbor to have a quick swim.

Last week ended with a very hot 4th of July, as morning sailors competed in the Independence Day Challenge. The day opened with the grand old flag parade, a favorite among the instructors, and trumpet playing by Gus Giampetruzzi and Ryan McCann. Events included a bubblegum blowing contest, a knot relay, a Saltines whistling challenge, a row rig sail race, an egg toss, and a watermelon swim. In the afternoon, the festivities continued as Opti and 420 sailors had their own fun. 420 sailors participated in flipping races which included flipping at least four times depending on the race course. 

Continuing with the weekly race days, Turnabouts were unable to complete enough races due to boat problems. Optis raced both on Wednesday and Friday, making up for a missed race day from the previous week. For Race Day #1, Sawyer Bates finished in first with 8 points, Blake Donnellan and Luke Donnellan tied for second with 10 points, and Rachel Phippen finished in third with 12 points. Two more sailors joined for the second race day, allowing for a fleet of nine racers. Blake Donnellan took the lead with 9 points, Ryan Peterson following close behind with 11 points, and Sawyer Bates finishing in third with 15 points. 420 sailors raced on Wednesday and later completed two short races on Friday. Nate Rideout and Brian Goldsmith finished the two race days in first with 12 points; Bryce Jacobs and Abby Thress finished in second with 15 points; and Charlie Apolinsky and Sean Morrison finished in third with 19 points. 420 sailors were rewarded, by popular demand, with a short cruise after racing on Friday.

As sailors look forward to another beautiful week of sailing, the afternoon class send off three Opti sailors and fourteen 420 sailors to the Harraseeket Regatta on Thursday and Friday. Probably the most exciting event this week is the first Bingo this Thursday at 7 p.m. All families are welcome and we look forward to seeing everyone there!