Southport Junior Yacht Club Sailing Foundation

Mon, 07/30/2018 - 12:30pm

There are few positive words that can be used to describe the weather conditions this past week. We can sail in strong winds, rough seas, and wet weather here at SYC, but the heavy fog kept the morning class nearly stalled for the majority of the week. Fog as thick as pea soup filled the Sheepscot River and Cozy Harbor, so instructors facilitated a series of creative games both in and out of turnabouts. One of the days, a massive scavenger hunt was held throughout the harbor. Competing for candy prizes, sailors unraveled a series of vague clues such as, “I’m the color of spinach, I’m the color of grass, come to me for your next pass.” The next day, we hoped for a glimmer of sunlight, but there was only fog and more fog. The whole morning class participated in a parody of the game of “Family Feud,” called “Sailing Feud,” with questions about sailing rules, instructors, and the boats in the harbor.

Regardless of the weather, the swim test carried on, and we welcomed one new sailor to our community, Warren Miller.

The afternoon class forged ahead through the fog, keeping close to shore. On an especially windy day, all the afternoon sailors were put into Turnabouts for a massive race day. Almost all of the Turnabouts in our fleet were taken out, with a total of 28 boats and over 50 kids on the water.

The rest of the week, the 420s worked on spinnakers and roll tacks, while Optis had a competitive race day. Ryan Peterson ended in 1st place, Ella Freund earned 2nd, and Connor McWhan finished in 3rd. This week, we will have over 20 of our afternoon class sailors in Optis and 420s representing SYC at the Harraseeket regatta in Freeport. Good luck to all.

Recently, a yacht club member discovered some old posters from the early 1940s. Apparently, there were dances with live music and even a beauty pageant that was judged by the “old salts of SYC.” While the tradition of beauty pageants has been long forgotten, dances are still popular. Fifty teenagers dug out their fancy dresses and collared shirts for the annual dance on Friday night. The junior building shook as kids danced the night away to songs like “Sweet Caroline” and “Brown Eyed Girl.” Thank you to parent volunteers Jenn Quinn and Hollyanna Bates who organized the dance.

Thursday, Aug. 2 at 7 p.m. is the second Bingo of the summer. This time it will be a Baked Goods Bingo with homemade prizes donated by families. We hope to see you there!

The Rock the Boat 5k will be held Saturday, Aug. 4 at 8 a.m. This community run/walk benefits the Southport Junior Yacht Club Sailing Foundation. The course starts and ends at SYC and includes Pratts island, Dogfish Head, and Beach roads. Pies will be awarded to winners in each category and also to the family with the most participants. Register at or at the race.