Southport Column: ‘Southport Lights Up' Dec. 2

Tue, 11/29/2022 - 8:15am

With wreaths appearing on Southport public buildings, you know Santa is getting ready to visit Southport. This year he will be arriving for Southport Lights Up on Friday, Dec. 2 at 4:30 p.m. at the Southport General Store. We can gather outside of the store to applaud Santa’s arrival, listen to the Southport School children sing some Christmas songs, and enjoy some treats from the store. Everyone is invited to join the festivities organized by the store, the school, and the Southport Island Association.

We know this is a changing world, but our school children are involved with change in another way. Last Monday morning they gathered to learn about “World of Change,” including the fact that over 10 billion dollars of change lies about in our world. An organization by the name “World of Change” encourages children to gather this loose money they may find and donate it to a cause of their collective choice. Michelle Theriault, who was the speaker for this organization, emphasized to the children that all the money they collect will be used for the project they choose. Any overhead the organization has is paid for by private donors. The children learned that the organization suggests six different categories for which this organization suggests they collect money: Housing, Play, Health, Education, Food, and Animals in Nature. The children have enthusiastically chosen to collect change to finance renovations to the woodland play area behind the school. Look for posters around the island featuring the plan for this work. I chuckled over the children’s enthusiasm for the mud, embracing the idea that some of the bridge structure would be over the mud, and that the woods kitchen might be referred to as the “mud kitchen.” They were also enthusiastic about the small coin purse each was given in which to collect money. “Everybody can do something to change the world,” they were told, “especially if we all come together.” Do study the posters around the island and either find a school child to whom you can give your spare change or drop by the school to do so yourself. Perhaps you will see a jar for collecting spare change at the Island Store and/or the children may approach you during “Southport Lights Up.” The children are learning philanthropy along with their reading, writing and arithmetic.

No need for winter to be only quiet at home time as the Gift Barn at the Southport General Store is holding a variety of workshops. The next one will be the second cradle making workshop on Saturday, Dec. 10 from 1 to 3 p.m. Each person will make two all natural, soy wax candles in a usable Southport glass. The essential oil scents will be: Lemon & Eucalyptus and Clove & Orange. You will work in small groups to make batches of scented, pourable wax for the first hour and 15 minutes. Then, while your candles set for the next 45 minutes, you are free to socialize, shop The Barn, get food from the Southport General Store, take a walk down to the beach. If  you don't want to wait for your candles to set, you are welcome to come back another day for them. The first workshop was a huge success, so Emma Gay and Anne Buchholz are eager for this session. The cost is $45.

Next, on Dec. 11 and 18 from 9 until 10:30 a.m., Morgan Mitchell will be offering Creative Flow workshops. Morgan explains the process as follows: “Creative Flow Circles invite you to drop into a more imaginative, relaxed state of being and explore your own creative power. You will be gently guided through a combination of meditation, painting and poetry. Accompanied by instrumental music, you will have the opportunity to move color across a circuit of standing easels, each participant co-creating seamlessly in community. You're invited inward, to explore color, sound and rest in your own rhythm. There is nothing to do right and nothing to do wrong. No artistic, creative, or meditation experience necessary. All are welcome. No artistic or creative experience required.” The cost is $20.

Morgan is a creative vitality coach who lives on Southport. Her practices, products, and pieces of original art are designed to inspire and animate courageous creativity. Many are available to view and purchase at the Gift Barn. You can learn more about Morgan and her creations at You can ask questions or sign up either for one workshop or both workshops at and click on “website.” Add each workshop to your cart one at a time!