Southport Column: Broadband vote, island clean up and more

Tue, 05/04/2021 - 10:00am

    With the President of the United States and the Governor of Maine both urging communities to install broadband access, as well as our Southport selectmen and budget committee, Kit and I decided to vote for such installation on Southport, owned by the town and managed by an independent contractor. If you still have questions before you vote, the Southport Broadband Committee has posted the dates, times, and locations of their informational meetings on their website.:

    They will conduct one meeting each day this week before voting day on Friday, May 7. The project website also has links to documents and additional information, and you can always reach the committee directly by email at or by phone at 207-217-7743.

    Lobster rolls and a sweet treat will be ready at the Southport Town Hall this Saturday between 11 a.m. and noon for Southport mothers or their offspring who ordered them for their mothers. Thanks to the Southport Island Association (SIA) who organized this treat and also a big thanks to Robinson’s Wharf Restaurant and Sweet Dreams Bakery who partnered with SIA to celebrate our Southport Mothers.

    Also "A big thank you from the Southport Island Association to Kaler's Restaurant for sponsoring our 2021 Island Clean Up and to all the volunteers who participated! Over 40 of our friends and neighbors pitched in after fueling up on an expertly grilled hot dog, and our island home is so much better for it. We also want to thank the Grill Master, Gerry Gamage, the volunteers, and Town Crew whose help Gerry enlisted to collect the roadside bags and piles. Under the sunshine and all smiles, we made a difference! Job well done!”

    We hope you saw the article in last week’s Register, written by Bill Pearson and printed on Page 8, describing the awards given to Emerson Harris for her entries into the Maine State Science Fair. Her project that won first place in the Biomedical and Health Science category, was one she devised out of two of her passionate interests: ballet and medical science. Knowing that she and many other toe dancers often suffer injuries to their feet, Emee devised special padding to fit into her ballot shoes. Congratulations, Emee.

    Another reference, this time a sadder one, is to the obituary in this week’s Register for Donald Brewer who died April 13. A lifelong Southporter and fisherman, Donald will be honored with a boat parade on May 16 at noon with a reception to follow at Robinson’s Wharf.

    No sadness needed for the Southport Bridge osprey. Even though their nest this year was taken over by the pigeons and then nearly destroyed by our wind storms, they have ousted the invaders, rebuilt the nest, and are again watching over the Gut as they lay and hatch their eggs and raise a new family. I notice that the pigeons perch nearby, perhaps waiting for their turn at the nest next winter.

    Much action continues around the Island Store with Molly and the crew from Knickerbocker Group putting out new signage, and work continuing on the outdoor seating and flowers. Inside the room previous set with tables and chairs is now stocked with Stonewall Kitchen items and other edibles for sale. The cold meat and cheese refrigerator is again stocked, and the one beside it is stocked with yogurt and fresh fruits and vegetables. Thus we are able to purchase almost everything we need to eat without leaving the island. Please spread the word that the store continues to need help. People can apply in person or through the website,