letter to the editor

Souper Bowl luncheons discontinued

Mon, 01/23/2023 - 2:30pm

    Dear Editor:

    Last month the Southport Memorial Library Aides reluctantly voted not to continue their Souper Bowl luncheons. It has been a fun tradition that for years had brought Southport and other peninsula residents together at a time of year we all needed friends and smiles and warm soup (even as the actual Super Bowl moved into February and the Boothbay area blossomed with new resources and events for keeping connected).

    Besides the hard-working Aides, and their husbands, family and friends, many people faithfully contributed to the event's ongoing success: Betty Goulette’s and Kathy Barter’s rolls! Linda Brewer's cookies! Kit Sherrill's famous parsnip soup and offerings from other talented cooks! Hazel Upham's marathon dishwashing!

    We remember each chowder, bisque, stew and chili fondly and we thank each of the Aides throughout the years, as well as the friends and community who came to share food and fellowship and to show support for the Southport Memorial Library, where smiles are still dispensed year round! Thank you all.

    Southport Memorial Library Aides