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A soulful spirit in life and verse

Fri, 07/12/2013 - 5:30pm

With waist-long gray hair, large brown eyes, flowing skirts and dresses, and a soothing voice, Andrea Goodman has your attention before you know who she is.

A priestess/minister of The Ministry of Maat, musician, composer, voice coach, mythic astrologer, Reiki Master, reader of the Tarot, healer, poet, author, and mother, Goodman is as multifaceted as a prism.

Goodman's studio/home it is easy to see why she never plans to leave it: it is as multifaceted as she is. The 1820 labyrinth-like structure with its inter-connecting rooms provides the perfect venue for Ruby Throated Spirit. It is both sanctuary and studio. A venue for her business, “Ruby Throated Spirit's” and a retreat from the world to recharge, write, compose …  create!

Goodman submitted her latest compilation of poems in late fall of 2012. The collection of 50 pieces is entitled “Compass” were submitted for a poetry contest. The lyrical, imagery-laced, spiritually  soulful collection may not have been a contest winner, but it reflects the essence of this remarkably gifted woman beautifully. The collection traces her passions for her home and land; spirituality, loved ones, challenges and joys.

The imagery in Goodman's poetry is easily summoned in your mind's eye. Sometimes it is literal, sometimes metaphorical.

For Goodman, symbolism and language are at the core of all she does. Listen to the poet reading her work by clicking the attached audio files.

“Its the symbolic language that is so delicious; because a symbol can be interpreted in many different ways. It's multifaceted and open-ended, in a way,” Goodman said of the Tarot. “It gives focus and guidance, but then what you do with it is creative. Same with astrology – how you put it together is what makes it creative.

“It all started with writing. I think metaphor is my delight! A sound is like a metaphor; I find a sound that sounds like a color or a shadow and use it rather than language [written or spoken],” Goodman said. “And I think that comes from poetry.”

She began making music using her voice as the instrument, with Meredith Monk, a director/composer in NYC. The pair performed, recorded albums and CDs and toured in the U.S. and Europe for 17 years beginning in 1974. Five of Monk's albums on which Goodman is featured are “Songs From the Hill/Tablet,” “Dolmen Music,” “Turtle Dreams,” “Do You Be,” and “Book of Days.” Goodman also appeared in numerous theatrical productions during her years there.

Goodman attended a workshop called “Your Voice Is Spirit and Sound,” an introduction into sound healing. She recalls it feeling so natural to her because it is completely intuitive. An individual brings a need to the healer who holds that need as his or her intention while allowing the sound to pour through.

“I was aware people would come to me for a voice lesson in one mood and leave in a completely different mood,” Goodman said. “So I knew singing and sound was therapeutic for people.”

When Goodman performs a sound healing – for energy, reintegration of the soul, relaxation, or to confront and release a problem – she connects with the universal energy, and intuitively communicates with her client with love, caring and compassion.

In addition to poetry, Goodman's first book, “Lightning Holds My Hand,” was published in 2008. It is fourteen months of journals capturing a dialogue between herself and another voice she called “Guidance.” It is a comforting guide for anyone going through and emotional or painful experience.

One could spend years exploring the facets of Goodman's life and the forms of expression that color her world. To learn more visit her website,