Selling lobsters from the boat during pandemic

Boothbay lobsterman Corey Pottle gets customers on a Sunday afternoon
Tue, 04/07/2020 - 8:00am

    About 10 people were waiting in Boothbay Harbor’s Waterfront Park Sunday afternoon with coolers, baskets and bags in hand, waiting for their ship to come in.

    The ship they were waiting for was the F/V Brandy’s Girl, owned by lobsterman Corey Pottle of Boothbay, who had been out fishing with his sternman and brother, Brian.

    Pottle had put out a Facebook post that he was selling lobsters from the town dock at 4 p.m. And as the ship pulled up to the float around 3:45, the waiting customers made their way down the ramp to buy their lobsters.

    “The reason we did it was to get some people out and enjoy some lobster. I know other businesses are selling for more and did not want to undercut them, but it was fun and it felt good to do,” said Pottle.

    As the first customers paid by throwing their cash in a bucket, other customers arrived. All kept a good distance from one another, maintaining the six-foot spacing due to the possible spread of the coronavirus.

    Pottle said he would probably sell lobsters again from the boat and would announce it on his Facebook page.