Boothbay Harbor Selectmen

Selectmen get new Boothbay Lights schedule, talk footbridge project

Wed, 11/11/2020 - 8:45am

    Boothbay Harbor Region Chamber of Commerce Board Advisor Lisa Walby updated selectmen Nov. 9 on the Boothbay Lights schedule. Walby said the changes are due to increasing levels of COVID-19 and may change again depending on future orders from the governor’s office.

    Gardens Aglow’s Community Night will open events Nov. 20, said Walby; drive-through pickup for East Side Waterfront Park Holiday Ornament Decorating Contest Nov. 21 and drop-off Dec. 5; Small Business Saturday Nov. 28 with the Fire Truck Parade at 4 p.m.; Boothbay Harbor Memorial Library hosts Santa at Whale Park 1-3 p.m. Dec. 5; the Opera House holds the Gingerbread Spectacular Dec. 2-5; and the Lighted Boat Parade and Sparkle Fireworks Dec. 12. Walby said the full schedule is available on the Boothbay Lights website and in the Boothbay Register.

    BHRCC, Boothbay Harbor Memorial Library, Whale Park and Boothbay Common will have photo opportunities since people cannot get out of their cars at Gardens Aglow, said Walby. Santa will also be via drive-through this year.

    “This is our creative way to still have Santa. No one will get out of their cars and we'll just have Santa and elves at the sidewalk ... everyone will still get their book from the library and people will be able to say hi to Santa and drop off a letter.”

    Chair Mike Tomko, Selectman Wendy Wolf and Town Manager Julia Latter learned from Baker Design Consultants, there are further details on the footbridge project which might affect final designs. Said Tomko, “The ultimate design and heights and layout of the footbridge might be impacted by how we have to abide by the design guide recommendations and our own flood plain ordinance.”

    Tomko suggested the board connect with planning board member Bill Hamblen and a bridge design engineer to ensure the best design possible, given legal boundaries and best practices on storm surge and rising sea levels. Wolf said the town should find out what those parameters are before seeking engineers.

    Said Wolf, “If we are following our own ordinances, what would be the impact on that in terms of liability, accessing FEMA funds ... ? There are a number of important issues that still need to be teased out before we can kind of shape up how we want an engineering firm to try and describe an RFP to a builder at this point.”


    Vice Chair and broadband committee chair Tricia Warren updated the board on seven questions the committee wants to put in a survey and send out to homeowners. Warren said the next meeting – 6:30 p.m. Dec. 7 over Zoom – will feature Lincolnville Communications (LCI) Director of Sales and Marketing Alan Hinsey.

    Town Clerk Michelle Farnham reported a Nov. 3 voter turnout of about 73%. With 42 new voters this year, the town has 1,922 registered voters; 1,416 ballots were cast, including 874 absentee.

    Discussions on Atlantic Avenue sidewalk project are being postponed until December when legal work is finished and more information is available, said Latter. Public works is equipped for winter and dog licenses are now available online or in person and are due by the end of the year.