‘Seahawk’ sign will remain on Route 27

Colby & Gale receives approval for propane fill station
Sun, 03/24/2019 - 10:00am

The property owner has changed, but the sign is staying. Christopher Palmer received unanimous approval March 13 for a change of use from construction debris stockpile site to service business for his 246 Wiscasset Road property. Palmer recently moved to Boothbay Harbor from Hallowell. He operates a geotechnical drilling company in Hallowell, and he plans on using 246 Wiscasset Road for storing machinery. According to Palmer, the biggest change will be construction of a 50-foot by 120-foot steel building appearing more as a “cracker box” than a barn.  

But one thing that’s not changing is the gold and blue Seahawk sign which has been there for years. After receiving approval, Palmer stated it would remain. “I’m not putting up my own sign. I don’t have one in Hallowell, and I will leave the Seahawk sign since it’s been there so long,” he said. 

Only one resident commented about the proposal. Wiscasset Road resident Gene Chandler has two plots near Palmer’s. He had questions about the building’s setback requirements and whether or not the business would use yard lights. Code Enforcement Officer Jason Lorrain reported the yard lights would not cross property lines and the building met the 40-foot setback requirement. 

In other action, the board unanimously approved Colby & Gale’s request for a retail office space and propane fill station. The company owns property at 3 Industrial Park Road which includes a house and barn. Previous owners used the property as office space and a residence. Colby & Gale also received approval to place a 500-gallon propane tank stretching appropriately 14 feet long. Part of the property is in the watershed district. In a pre-application meeting last month, General Manager Troy Sawyer reported the tank would be outside the watershed district.

The board also unanimously approved a Florida couple’s request to renovate a garage on a non-conforming lot. Robert and Katherine Horgan of Boca Grande, Florida will renovate their seasonal home at 220 Shore Road. The renovation includes working on a garage roof, matching the garage’s and house’s siding, and increasing the number of windows in a corner bank of the house.

One application was tabled. The board tabled Jon and Marilyn Bigelow’s application for renovating a home on a non-conforming lot. The Bigelows live in Wilton, Connecticut and submitted an application for renovating their seasonal place at 24 Chandler Road. 

The board meets next at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 17 in the municipal building’s conference room.