letter to the editor

Rushing to spend school referendum money?

Mon, 06/17/2024 - 4:15pm

Dear Editor:

It was disturbing last week to hear the architect’s representative joke about taxpayers paying for “the most expensive parking spaces ever” and then later say: “well, you told us you wanted to go really quickly.”

That’s not exactly what local school officials led many to believe before the vote in April.

The above comments came during a “special meeting” called with minimal advance notice in the middle of a workday. We’ve been told work wasn’t going to begin until May 2025 at the earliest, so what was the big rush?

Since there seems to be some flexibility moving forward for use of that $30 million from the bond proceeds, it would make more sense if the Trustees proceeded prudently and carefully reviewed all options for our taxpayer money before acting.

That would at least show they are trying in some way to earn back some of the public’s trust.

Finally, it would likely help heal some of the divisiveness in our communities if there were open dialogue public forums that included Q&A with board members to give all stakeholders a chance to provide input.

Tom Perkins

Boothbay Harbor