letter to the editor

Resolving the matter at 14 Todd Ave.

Mon, 01/30/2023 - 3:00pm

Dear Editor:

Since 2020 I have been defending myself as a party-in-interest against legal action initiated by Tom Myette against the town of Boothbay Harbor, connected with property I own at 14 Todd Avenue. As an area native who has enjoyed the Boothbay region my whole life, I am excited to contribute to the commerce of the downtown area. Along with the staff at Newcastle Realty, I have been overwhelmed by how welcoming the community has been, and the positive comments about our building.

Contrary to Mr. Myette's representations, I sought guidance from the town and provided everything they asked for. I have never attempted to avoid any process or obligation, or to get away with something that shouldn't be allowed. As the town CEO has asserted, no expansion limit was exceeded. All required permits were obtained. Lights that our neighbor Tom Myette did not like have been disconnected. Pre-existing surface water issues are being dealt with proactively. When a stop work order was issued during reconstruction to address questions about a possible second floor (there isn't one), the order was lifted after sufficient documentation was verified by Geoff Smith. When it was realized that power lines would be too close, we modified the roof line (as allowed) to create what is now an attractive little office building.

As a participant at the Boothbay Harbor Planning Board meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 11, I observed citizen volunteer committee members grapple with a difficult situation in a professional manner, while listening to attorneys representing Tom Myette and myself. The Planning Board members are doing their jobs, and so is Mr. Cunningham, attorney for the town.

After reading his recent letter to the editor in which he admonishes the Planning Board and urges them to "step up and get the job done," I think it would be more constructive for Mr. Myette to reach out to me and identify any actual concerns, instead of accusing the town of shirking its duty, especially considering the ongoing legal fees being paid by the taxpayers. Meanwhile, I look forward to getting this matter resolved so we can all move forward.

Dennis Hilton