letter to the editor

Reelect Harmon and Lewis

Posted:  Monday, April 23, 2018 - 7:45pm

Dear Editor. 

We have been reading the posts regarding the upcoming election would like to share our thoughts in the Register.  Thank you!

As new residents of Boothbay, we are hoping to see the community thrive. Positive change is a good way to ensure this happens and doesn’t have to mean that what makes Boothbay “Boothbay” has to be lost. Change is a good thing and should be thought of as a way to bring people back to the community and draw new people in.

We are surprised to see that some citizens are encouraging voters to manipulate the election process to meet their own agenda. This is not a trait that we find endearing to the community we now call home. We also question the competency of the candidate they are supporting if they feel the need to “rig” the voting in order for their chosen candidate to be elected.

We will be voting to reelect the two candidates who have demonstrated their support for positive change and ongoing growth and development of the Boothbay region.

Jon and Michelle Doody