letter to the editor

Recognition for signature events

Mon, 06/27/2022 - 2:30pm

Dear Editor:

As the president of the board for the Boothbay Harbor Region Chamber of Commerce, I need to speak up and give some thanks.

Last week the Chamber planned and executed two of our region’s signature events; Claw Down and Fishin’ for Fashion events went off without a hitch and were a huge success! As one of the people tasked with overseeing the operation of the Chamber, I need to say how full my heart is with the accomplishment of running these events once again, after all the difficulties of the past few years.

I am so pleased and proud of our board of directors and our executive director, and also the dozens of volunteers who made these events possible.

Of special note I need to single out five individuals for huge thanks: Lisa Walby (our executive director), Alyssa Allen (board member), and volunteers Gigi Frost, Michael Maxim and Dana Paolillo. Most of the Chamber board, Chamber staff and many generous community minded local people too numerous to thank here also should be recognized – you know who you are. To our sponsors and the Bristol Shipyard, thank you, thank you, thank you. Here’s to a successful summer for our entire region!

Douglas Goldhirsch

BHR C of C