Press release

Railway Village opens green to displaced Farmers Market

Tue, 09/03/2019 - 11:00am

    “Community service is a major component of our mission at the Railway Village,” noted Board Chair Charles Bamberg in welcoming the Farmers Market to the Railway Village for its last four markets of 2019, “and I join with the market’s organizer Dan Sortwell in making this agreement public to welcome the Farmers Market to the Village.”

    “The Village is ideal, right on Route 27, as our customers are accustomed to — and plenty of access and parking,” added Sortwell. “We faced a dilemma with imminent plans to begin refurbishment of the drainage system at the town Common that will displace the Market in the coming two months, and the Village offered to help.”

    The last four markets of 2019 will be held, as usual, on Thursday, Sept. 19 and 26, and Oct. 3 and 10.

    “The Village is home to many events during the year, and we are designed, equipped and staffed to assist the Farmers Market and its loyal shoppers,” noted Bamberg, “and we are very pleased to help the farmers and the community in this partnership, however temporary.”

    “The Farmers Market plans to return to the Town Common for its 2020 season,” added Sortwell. “We greatly appreciate the Village helping like this.”