letter to the editor

Pursuing public access in Edgecomb

Posted:  Monday, April 15, 2019 - 5:00pm

Dear Editor:

Public access to the shore and water in Edgecomb continues to be on the mind of many inland residents of Edgecomb.

A few pieces have become available over the last few years but due to the slowness of the bureaucratic process, opportunities have been missed and possible suitable lots have sold privately.

I truly feel bad for the selectmen who are charged with doing the will of the residents when the most vocal people have their own private access and have not interest in providing access to the other 80% of residents who have no access. It is not that everybody wants access but everybody should have the option to enjoy the water, not just the wealthy or the lucky ones. We need to support our selectmen in the search for and development of public access.

A few days ago, former selectwoman Jo Cameron left me a voicemail about a half acre lot on Shore Road advertised in the local newspaper. As expected, the price is high, more than twice the price of a similar piece offered to the town two years ago. I feel the town should swiftly and enthusiastically pursue this property.

I would like to serve on the town waterfront committee.

Please support your selectmen and tell our selectmen public access is important and not to let another nice piece of property slip past us, for who knows when or if another will become available.

Tom Boudin