Purchase pottery and support KELT

Thu, 08/08/2019 - 7:45am

Help support the Kennebec Estuary Land Trust (KELT) and local artists through a collaborative endangered species pottery collection.

Maine potter, Mary McKone, and painter and illustrator, Jackie Johnson, have created the Maine Endangered Species series of pottery, which features handmade porcelain pieces decorated with exquisite drawings of some of Maine’s endangered species. In addition to spreading awareness of Maine’s threatened and endangered species, McKone and Johnson have chosen to donate a portion of their proceeds to KELT. This supports KELT’s important work in sustaining Maine’s habitats, and the land trust’s efforts to inform youth and the larger community about the effects of the changing environment.

The Maine Endangered Species series is a collaboration that aims to raise awareness of the growing list of endangered and threatened species and habitats in Maine. Climate change and environmental degradation pose an existential threat to the future. McKone and Johnson chose to use their art to raise awareness and help, in some small way, to protect the precious Maine habitats that are necessary in order to save so many species from extinction.

The pottery series includes handmade ceramics and note cards accompanied by information on the specific concerns for each species represented. Included is what individuals can do to support that species or habitat. Featured species include the Katahdin Butterfly, Boreal Snaketail Dragonfly, Rusty Back Bumble Bee, Northern Black Racer Snake and the Piping Plover. Handmade bowls, mugs, dishes, and honey pots in blue and green hues serve as a backdrop for hand-drawn images of these endangered species.

For more information and to view images of the pottery, visit www.mckonepottery.com or www.kennebecestuary.org/shop