updated: some candidates suspending campaigns

The presidential primary candidates appearing on Maine ballots March 3

Sat, 02/29/2020 - 6:00pm

Voters trekking to the polls around the state Tuesday, March 3, will be tasked with voting for their choice of presidential candidate in Maine’s primary. The 129th Maine Legislature enacted a Presidential Primary law in 2019 (PL 2019, Chapter 445), for the purpose of allowing Maine voters to designate their preference for the nomination of their party’s candidate.

The Green Independent Party chose not to participate in the Presidential Primary election but will hold party caucuses for voting for the Presidential candidate and conducting other party-building activities. 

Below is the alphabetical listing of candidates appearing on the ballot for Maine voters, with a notation of the state in which they claim full-time residence. Not all candidates filed to appear on the Maine ballot, or dropped out of the race before filing to appear on the Maine ballot. 

Democratic Party

Joseph R. Biden, Jr. (Delaware): Biden is the nation’s former vice president and a former senator from Delaware. 

Michael R. Bloomberg (New York): Bloomberg is the former mayor of New York City and a media executive. 

Cory A. Booker (New Jersey): Booker is a U.S. Senator from New Jersey and former mayor of Newark, New Jersey. He suspended his campaign Jan. 13. 

Peter Buttigieg (Indiana): Buttigieg is the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana. He suspended his campaign March 1.

Tulsi Gabbard (Hawaii): Gabbard serves in the U.S. House of Representatives representing Hawaii. 

Amy J. Klobuchar (Minnesota): Klobuchar is a U.S. Senator from Minnesota and former attorney for Hennepin County in Minnesota. She suspended her campaign March 2. 

Deval Patrick (Massachusetts): Patrick is a civil rights attorney and former governor of Massachusetts. He suspended his campaign Feb. 12. 

Bernard Sanders (Vermont): Sanders is a U.S. Senator and former U.S. Representative from Vermont. 

Thomas F. Steyer (California): Steyer is a hedge fund manager and philanthropist. He suspended his campaign Feb. 29.

Elizabeth A. Warren (Massachusetts): Warren is a U.S. Senator from Massachusetts and former Harvard University law professor. 

Marianne Williamson (Iowa): Williamson is a best-selling author and spiritual leader. She suspended her campaign Jan. 10. 

Andrew Yang (New York): Yang is a tech entrepreneur and philanthropist. He suspended his campaign Feb. 11. 


Republican Party

Donald J. Trump (Florida): Trump is the sitting U.S. President and a real estate developer.