Letter to the editor

Police staffing concerns

Mon, 02/20/2023 - 6:30pm

Dear Editor:

I have concerns regarding Bill Pearson’s article reporting about the issue raised at the 2/13/2023 selectmen meeting about the understaffed police force in Boothbay Harbor.. Having once been a resident, I am now just a frequent visitor to the area, as I have multiple family members living in the town full time.

The selectmen owe the taxpayers, who have paid in good faith, expecting emergency services in return, an update on the plan to return the police staffing to its previous level. Though the Lincoln County Sheriff does provide some coverage to the area, they have a large area to cover.  We all know how long it takes to get from Red’s Eats in Wiscasset to the Hannaford in BBH on a good day & what it is like in the Summer or in bad weather. When something is going wrong,

I don’t want the people I care about or anyone else in town waiting that long for help. 

I was shocked to learn of the pay discrepancy the police force has.  I have handled staffing for various companies for 20 years.  A competitive compensation package is critical to attract & retain the skilled police officers the town needs. 

I appreciate Kate Sullivan raising this concern & for her offer to assist with recruitment strategies.

What is the selectmen’s plan for public safety? 

Patrice Connelly
Boothbay Harbor & Malden, MA