Town of Boothbay

Planning board approves two applications, tables another

Sat, 09/23/2023 - 8:45am

A Sunny Acres subdivision lot is now ready for sale. On Sept. 13, the Boothbay planning board approved a lot line change which created an additional .96 acre lot out of the previous 1.38 acre parcel. The board first heard the request from Clark Enterprises of Nobleboro in June, but the proposal was tabled due to a “lack of sufficient information regarding buildable area,” according to the board. After reviewing the updated calculations presented by local surveyor Nicholas Plumer, board members voted, 4-0, to approve the boundary modification. The property is in a rural mixed use district. The property is owned by Bente Villadsen.

A second application received conditional approval. Richard and Rachel Berlin of Concord, Massachusetts sought approval for bank stabilization and placement of fill in the shoreland zone. The property is on South Mud Flat Alley in a residential and coastal residential district. The applicant is required to notify the code enforcement officer prior to beginning the project.

The third application was tabled. Raymond C. Egan requested a “minor change” in his Midden Ridge subdivision on the northern side of Annable Road. Egan proposed a four-lot subdivision for his 42.5-acre parcel. The board believed the proposal looked more like a five-lot proposal. 

The board meets next at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 18 in the conference room.