letter to the editor

Parents must revolt

Mon, 03/27/2023 - 3:15pm

Dear Editor:

So, what’s next, drag queen story hour for third graders at Southport Elementary?

Maine Department of Education Commissioner Pender Makin told lawmakers on Wednesday, March 15 “Traditional academic learning — like reading, writing and math — should be a lower priority in Maine schools than social-emotional learning and programming on race and gender.” (Steve Robinson, Maine Wire)

DEI, SEL, CRT and Gender Fluidity as necromancy.

Leftist, woke indoctrination by way of Diversity, Equity Inclusion, Social Emotional Learning, Critical Race Theory is slithering its way into every aspect of American life.

Laying to waste are public schools, the military, women’s sports, the Supreme Court, woke judges in blue cities, increasing nationwide crime, an out of control southern border killing Americans with narcotics and criminal environmentalism devoted to destroying Maine lobstering.

“Academic learning is definitely going to take a backseat to all of these other pieces,” Makin told lawmakers. Translation: with our kids in the backseat, woke teachers unions are driving American education over a cliff.

Teachers should teach; they are your students, not your children. Parents must revolt.

We lend our kids to schools and to teachers earning salaries we pay for. We expect them to receive valuable instruction, not brainwashing poison.

Declare American Federation of Teachers, its president Randi Weingarten, along with Governor Mills, the…” Enemy of the People.”

Dave Gregg