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Pan-seared fresh scallops

Wed, 01/15/2020 - 7:15am

Hope everyone is keeping up with this crazy weather. Saturday it was over 50 degrees in January. I was very fortunate to have the time for a nice long walk. It was an absolutely gorgeous day … such a gift this time of year.

Not going to lie. It was a hard adjustment coming from blue skies and 80 degree weather in the Bahamas. My twinners and I had a blast; we just laid low, read, ate and consumed lots of adult beverages. R&R is just what the doctored ordered ... LOL.

I was going to write about Italian meatballs but in Maine this time of year, it’s all about fresh scallops. Wow, they are amazing. I went to Pinkham’s after I had seen a couple of posts about scallops. It was a must have. I bought one pound; it’s plenty for two people.

When it comes to fresh Maine seafood, less is better. I’m not one to add lots of sauces or spices to my seafood. I pat dry my scallops on some paper towels. After they are nice and dry, I only season with salt and pepper. Yes, that’s it. I take out my well-seasoned cast iron pan and turn the burner on medium high heat. I add extra virgin olive oil and butter (1 tablespoon EVO and 1 tablespoon of real salted butter). Hint: Do not overcook your scallops. This is the hard part depending on how thick your scallops are. If they are really thick, some people cut them in half so they cook easier and don’t get dried out.

Really easy and so good. I cook them for about a minute or two on both sides, Make sure your heat is hot enough to get a nice golden brown on both sides. Add a little more butter if you desire.

In the pictures, you will see I cooked some pasta as a side. The pasta came from Eventide. My dear friend Kris gave me it for Christmas. I boiled the pasta, drained it and set it aside. Then I sautéd a sweet onion and zucchini in a drizzle of EVO, added my pasta and a tablespoon of butter. It made a wonderful side dish for my scallops. My very finicky hubby even enjoyed it.

Can’t go wrong with Maine seafood. I’ve eaten lots of seafood in my day in other states and countries. Nothing even comes close to our state’s seafood. I count my blessings every day that we live in a little piece of heaven.

Our town has lost a lot of good people in the start of the new year 2020. I want to send my condolences out to families and friends.