Our popover king

Tue, 10/08/2019 - 11:00am

This past Saturday morning, Oct. 5, our “internationally-known” popover king, Curt West, shared his famous recipe to an enthusiastic group of popover lovers. The large group came with a variety of popover pans for Curt to assess.

The Reverend Doctor Sarah Foulger, who hosted our gathering at the Congregational Church, supplied a large basket of her own tasty popovers.

King Curt, with twinkles in his eyes, smile on his face, plus his wonderful sense of humor and facial expressions, gave us step-by-step directions for his fail proof, monster popovers. He then answered, coupled with some interesting side comments, the many questions asked. At the end, he was given a big round of applause.

Our group then put forth the idea of further meetings with Curt on how to cook his many different dishes, including his bean hole beans. It would be called “Cooking with Curt.” Maybe Cody Mitchell could go “live” with it?

Many thanks to Pastor Sarah and church secretary Heather Lorrain for putting together such a fun event.