Original play to be released via ZOOM by River Company

Thu, 11/19/2020 - 6:15pm

    Damariscotta’s River Company theater  proudly announces the upcoming release of “The Witch of Harpswell.” This original play, by local writer James L. Nelson and River Company Board member Allison Eddyblouin,  is the recipient of a project grant from the Maine Arts Commission. Per the Commission, the grant is indented to, “support creative projects throughout Maine. Grant funds assist arts organizations with the production of high-quality creative activities, the creation of new work, and the continuation of successful arts programs.” 

    Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the first iteration of the play is a pared-down script collaboratively recorded on Zoom with a cast of dedicated, socially-distanced local actors. The title character, the so-called witch Hannah Stover, is played by River Company regular Christine Anderson. She is sassy yet warmhearted, caring for and standing up to the local folk who refuse to accept her.  Ringleader of the gruff fisherfolk is the menacing Ezra Johnston, astutely played by Nick Azzaretti.

    The foil to Ezra is Hannah’s husband, Elkniah Stover, played with a lilting Maine accent, is co-playwright Nelson. Featured as Elkniah’s daughter, Mercy, is local actor, Thalia Eddy, on leave from her theater studies at Bennington College.  The ensemble also includes Mike Lee as Parson Eaton, and other fishermen and goodwives played by Samuel Inman, Thanos Afoukis, Callie Stapp, Kerrith Stapp, River Carlyle, and Tenley Seiders. The show is directed by Allison Eddyblouin with costumes by Cathy Jones.

    River Company has an active YouTube channel where the Covid-quarantine series can be enjoyed at any time (www.rivercompany.org/film). “The Witch of Harpswell will be posted on Wednesday, Nov. 25.

    Founded in 1998, River Company provides a local arena for artists to gain theatrical experience that fosters artistic growth. River Company’s work reflects and entertains its community through its creativity, flexibility, and versatility. Learn more at rivercompany.org.