Online Christmas - ‘Winter Letter’ from Heartwood

Mon, 12/28/2020 - 8:00am

    Now that the holiday rush is behind, there is time to settle in and enjoy Heartwood Theater’s free online event, celebrating the arts, winter and the Christmas Season, with 30 performers from both near and far.  No tickets, no fees, no registration.  Simply click “A Heartwood Christmas Letter” on, anytime thru Jan 3.  Full cast list and playbill available on the website.

    Viewers have responded from near and far, with gratitude for a peaceful and contemplative collection of poetry, music and dramatic readings.  Audience will recognize many familiar faces from Heartwood and the Midcoast community, as well as young professional actors who have performed with Heartwood over the past several years.

    Also available on Heartwood’s website are several archived videos, including: the 2019 live, staged radio-theater version of “Merry Christmas, George Bailey,” an evening from Heartwood’s 2010 Christmas Extravaganza in the Lincoln Theater; a live staged reading from that same year, Dylan Thomas’ delightful “A Child’s Christmas in Wales.” 

    In these dark, quiet days, time is one thing we have.  Enjoy some time spent with Heartwood, as the new year enters in.

    Generous sponsors include: Bath Savings Institution (Season Sponsor), HM Payson (Online Streaming Sponsor), Dow Furniture (Show Sponsor) and Program Sponsor (First National Wealth Management).  Special thanks to Ryan Kohnert, technical director.