Ocean Point Horribles: A parade with a difference

Mon, 07/08/2019 - 8:45am

For this year’s Ocean Point Horribles Parade, the weather was perfect. And, as ever, the turnout was happy, enthusiastic and entertaining.

The parade has been a part of Ocean Point’s summer since the early 1900s and the parade organizer, Will Bertrand, is just the fourth person to do it. He took charge in 1991, following in the footsteps of Joe Wellington, Tom Meagher and Jim Brown.

“It’s called the Horribles Parade, because it always has something of the Halloween about it,” Bertrand said.

This year was no different. The Horribles Band members (not all their real names — Eric Marden on snare drum, Lou Costello on trumpet, Sir Andy Hampletsttski on bass drum, Bob Marden on trumpet, Ileana Cruz-Marden on kazoo and cymbals, and Hugh Well Dun on sax) — were dressed ugly but gave the parade a festive air and kept everyone marching and humming.

Behind Grand Marshal Jack Heisenberg, being driven by Nat Wilson in his 1921 Model T. Ford, the Ocean Point Colony Trust banner was followed by Wonder Woman (Zoe Anne Butterworth) carrying the Stars and Stripes and the Grim Reaper (Calum Butterworth) carrying the scythe.

Other participants included a hot dog with accompanying serving of French fries (Luna and Julia Dun Rappaport), Hermione from Harry Potter (Linnea Dun Rappaport), some guinea pigs, pirates, Spiderman, an octopus, a mermaid, a strawberry, and many more.

Said Bertrand, “It’s a great tradition and it really brings everyone together. We’re so proud of our little community, and to have third and even fourth generation participants dressing up and parading, makes it all worthwhile.”