Ocean Point Column: Graduations, meeting and more

Posted:  Tuesday, May 15, 2018 - 11:30am

Ocean Point is once again coming to life as residents slowly begin their return; I would guess that the cooler than normal temperatures have kept many away.

Suzie and Pete Hamblett have recently returned and Suzie commented on the abundance of daffodils that blanket our area and I would mention the tulips as well, a sure sign of warmer temperatures. Suzie and Pete have been following the lacrosse season as nine of their grandchildren are currently playing for their perspective teams, a busy time of year for sure.

This time of year many graduations are being celebrated and our peninsula has several that I would like to recognize. Congratulations to Peter Hamblett, Suzie and Pete’s grandson, who graduated from Ohio Wesleyan, granddaughter Ellie Gamache who will graduate from Endicott College and granddaughter Lincoln Hamblett who is set to graduate from North Yarmouth Academy, Congratulations to all.

Congratulations to Liz Dana who graduated from the University of Connecticut recently, Liz will be taking a position with a company in Stamford, Connecticut in June. Congratulations to Daniel Anderson who is graduating from the Salisbury School, Salisbury Connecticut on June 1.

We wish all our graduates the best in their future endeavors.

A reminder to everyone that the spring mailing has been sent via email with a link to the website to access the activities calendar. We already have some changes to the calendar so please check back often during the season as plans may change. The Casino will have some additional copies of the calendar throughout the summer if needed.

Two items of importance for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend: the first is that there will be a morning clean up of Ocean Point from 10 to noon. Volunteers are needed and you can sign up for this event on the website, a light lunch is planned after the cleanup; please plan to meet at the Casino by 10. Also on Sunday a town meeting will be held at 4 p.m. at the Casino. Please plan to attend this important informational meeting as it pertains to updates on the Preservation Project.

Hope to see you all Memorial Day weekend; have a great week!