Two Bridges Regional Jail Authority

No decision on jail administator

Thayer Corporation offers concession for late work
Posted:  Thursday, August 10, 2017 - 8:15am

At the Aug. 9 meeting of the Two Bridges Regional Jail Authority, the board discussed in executive session the pending appointment of the new administrator. Chairwoman Mary Trescot said the board was not ready to appoint anyone.

Since October, Captain James Bailey has been acting administrator. He is one of the candidates being considered.

The roof air exchange units installed by Thayer Corporation are up and functioning, except for one unit which is being addressed. The company had been given an emergency no-bid contract nearly a year ago to put up the units before the winter months, and did not complete the work before the winter season. Because it took so long and because the authority was persuaded that the situation was such an emergency that setting aside the bidding procedure was justified, Bailey entered negotiations with the corporation to reduce costs for the five-year maintenance agreement. Thayer refused to consider the proposal, and submitted no counter-offer.

At the meeting, however, Dan Thayer appeared. Since he had turned down Bailey’s suggestion of 50 percent off the maintenance agreement going forward, Thayer reconsidered, and came to the meeting to discuss a possible compromise. The authority called for an executive session to hear his proposal. A few minutes later, in open session, the board voted to accept the company’s offer, but said details would not be available until Bailey and Thayer had a chance to hammer out the details.

The authority also agreed to convene a special meeting to hear about Revision Energy’s proposal for solar power at the jail, and said information would go out as soon as a meeting was arranged.