New film and theater semester at Heartwood

Sun, 06/28/2020 - 11:00am

For college students taking a gap semester / year and high school seniors looking for a leg up in prep for college or conservatory training, Heartwood Theater is offering something new.

Heartwood’s Artistic Director Griff Braley has devised an immersive, creative Film and Theater Semester tentatively scheduled September through November, open to a small ensemble of mature and focused college gap students and qualified high school seniors. Twelve weeks of instruction in a conservatory style atmosphere is designed to sharpen performance, analysis, writing and literary skills and will culminate in final projects, both live and filmed. 

“Our goal,” notes Braley, “is to provide grounded thinking and performing, through a deep learning model for young actors, rooted in literary analysis, creativity, and multi-media. For students living in the ‘in-between’ months of 2020, this educational experience will invigorate and prepare them for their next steps.”

Focused group experiences will include devising and acting for stage and film, strengthening of acting theory and practice, defining mastery of performance goals, managing live and virtual production schedules, along with individual and ensemble expectations in a rigorous setting.  Additional workshops in voice, movement and audition will be available, and group activities will include various additional creative labs.

The semester is designed to allow students ample time for jobs, performance lessons, online college courses and other educational endeavors. 

Auditions and/or recommendations may be required. Contact Heartwood to discuss details and options by emailing or calling 207.563.1373.

Instructor Griff Braley has taught and directed actors of all ages for seventeen years as Founding Artistic Director at Heartwood.  In addition, he has thirty-five years of secondary teaching and directing experience at Wiscasset High School and Lincoln Academy.

In the rehearsal room and through performance, he integrates ensemble building, principles of peak performance, devising and rehearsal process, play writing, myth and archetype, acting pedagogy, film history and film making, and acting theory.

Heartwood's Theater and Film Semester is a natural result of Braley's years of experience and a perfect example of Heartwood's educational focus.