Morris Farm to offer fall cooking class series

Posted:  Thursday, October 11, 2018 - 8:15am

The Morris Farm will offer a series of four hands-on, interactive cooking classes this fall.  The class are organized around Integrative Nutrition concepts, a new approach to using food to support health. The series starts on Tuesday, Oct. 23 from 5:30 to 7 p.m. and continues for three more weeks. Content will be useful for everyone, from omnivores to vegans. Julie Mitchell, the chef and presenter of this class, is a certified Integrative Nutrition health coach and will offer a one-on-one coaching session for anyone who signs up for the class. The cost is $15 per class, includes ingredients and yummy things to eat and/or take home! To sign up go to, click on Programs and Education and click the link for the cooking series. The website has more information and a registration form.

Class one, Glorious Greens, will cover the importance of greens to health and  for prevention of disease and inflammation and detoxifying and healing the body.  Participants will learn how to prepare roasted, sautéed, and raw green veggies as well as a basic green smoothie that can be modified for medicinal purposes. Information on powerful herbs and spices and how to use them in cooking and teas to support the body will also be presented. There will be a informal introduction to the fundamentals of Integrative Nutrition. Concepts such as deconstructing cravings, “crowding out,” bio-individuality, and “Primary Foods” will all be explained.  Participants are invited to come with questions about their personal health.

Class two,  Vegan? Vegetarian? Paleo? Keto?,  will explore what it means to eat a plant-based diet, and what is right for for each individual. This class will discuss a number of confusing and contradictory concepts about nutrition and focus on how each of us is a bio-individual.  Discussion will include cravings and what they mean as well as food sensitivities. Participants can bring questions about plant proteins, vs. animal proteins, eating theories and experiences with particular “programs.” During this class participants will make several dishes and soup that can be modified to meet the needs of vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, and omnivores!  

Class three, Cook Once, Eat Twice, will cover the importance of food prepping and transforming leftovers, including how to make great lunches and dinner items that can keep in a mason jar for several days without getting soggy or stale!  The class will make salad, soup, tabbouleh, quinoa pilaf, soba noodle salad, all using veggies that can be prepped on a Sunday afternoon!

The content of class four will be decided by the group.

For more information, please visit, email, or call 882-4080.