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Mixing it up, tuna style

Wed, 06/19/2019 - 7:30am

    Starting off with thanking all the people with the ongoing support for me writing this column. Every day someone approaches me and tells me how much they are enjoying reading my recipes. I really want to thank them from the bottom of my heart. Ramona Gaudette wants me to write a cookbook. It was a blessing to see her at Lucille Machon’s service at the Legion on Saturday afternoon. I told her maybe this winter when I have more free time.

    I hope everyone spoiled their Dads, Papas, Pops, Uncles, Grampies, Stepdads. Anyone that steps up for a child, kudos to you for being there for any child. I miss my dad terribly. I know him and Carol are having an adult beverage together and enjoying the scenery.

    Well, I’m spreading my wings and visiting restaurants serving fresh tuna and starting out at Brady’s. OMG, it’s amazing. My cousin and I (Paula) are addicted. It’s done in a real original style. I’ve been blessed to be invited to Chief Stan’s kitchen and he laid it out for me.

    Starting out with fresh yellow grade tuna, toss in a hot cast iron pan with light butter and oil, seared lightly with his blackened spices; not even 30 seconds on each side. Then he takes his tongs and picks up his tuna, cooking it evenly on all sides. Then he lets it rest, which is important. He had his cut scallions, and fermented cabbage (basically it’s pickled).

    Kimchi, the fermented cabbage side dish, is done in other countries by being buried in the ground with lots of spices but isn’t up to code here in the U.S.A. for health reasons. Stan, the head chef, is very knowledgeable on this process and I was impressed.

    After it rested he sliced it with a special knife and started building his masterpiece. First he piled on his fermented cabbage, laid his perfectly seared tuna slice and cooked to perfection and topped it with a citrus yuzu sauce and topped with scallions.

    It’s only been on the summer menu, maybe two weeks, and I’m embarrassed to say I’ve had it four, OK, maybe five times. It’s delicious.

    Okay, folks I’m on a little mission. I’m going to other restaurants to headline the tuna dish. Please, if you are up to me coming and you are willing to share your secret tuna dish, please send me an email

    It’s a busy time for me and my family. Sometimes we all get tired of cooking the same old … just doing something different. Looking forward to hearing from you all. Summer is here, the town is busy, be safe and kind.

    Happy summer!