From the editor

A memorable week

Wed, 07/03/2019 - 8:45am

We hope everyone enjoyed the 57th edition of Windjammer Days last week. Personally, I didn't get to a lot of the activities due to work and doing things with our son, brother-in-law/wife's brother and 11 other family members and friends visiting from Nebraska and North Carolina. But from the coverage our staff provided, it looked like every event was enjoyable. Two of the bigger events – the arrival of the ships and the street parade – were spared bad weather, which is always a good thing. The only casualty was the rescheduling of the lighted boat parade, which will be held this Saturday at 9 p.m.

This week was also memorable because I am finally driving a newer car than my wife. I usually get her hand-me-downs, which has always been fine, but the vehicle I was driving, a 2011 Ford Escape, needed a lot of work so we traded it in. So, look for the PRESS placard in the window of my new car, a gray 2018 KIA Soul. My oldest granddaughter, Ella, has named it Henderson, the hamster-mobile.

Stay protected from the sun (yes, finally, we have some sun!). This week, I had my second outpatient procedure for carcinoma. First it was basal cell, and this time it was squamous cell. Both were treated by an excision. The first spot, on my nose, is nearly fully healed. The squamous spot was taken out and I am now treating the stitching and waiting for it to heal. I have always been very conscious of staying out of the sun, due to my light complexion, but somehow it caught up with me.

As I write this column, I don't know the circumstances behind Tom Woodin's sudden resignation as Boothbay Harbor's town manager over the weekend, but I do think he has done a good job since taking over the position in 2006. Good luck in the future, Tom.

Lastly, I don’t think the Red Sox will see the World Series this year. Getting beat by the Yankees twice in England didn’t help them move closer to the American League East leaders.