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Marinated chicken on a stick

Wed, 05/15/2019 - 7:15am

Mother’s Day … I hope everyone enjoyed their “Mums” this weekend. I’m incredibly happy that our children are so thoughtful. It’s hard when your mom is gone. It’s been 11 years in July since my mother died. Not a day goes by without me thinking of her a least a dozen times a day. I miss her smile, her contagious laugh, her telling me to keep it together when I see my kids or grandchildren going through hard times in their lives. Moms are so special and I had a keeper. Cheers to another year, Carol, and thanks for watching over my gang — oxoxoxoxo.

So what’s cooking, you ask? Well, with this beautiful week, it's grilling time. I decided to marinate chicken on a stick. It’s easy.

You take one cup of low sodium soy sauce and one cup of maple syrup; please don’t use a really expensive kind; keep it reasonable. Add one bunch of cilantro or basil (cilantro is an herb you either love or hate, I’m finding out). I love cilantro; I put it in salads, soups, marinades, or any Mexican dish I make (tacos). I always have it in my refrigerator.

Now take out your skinless boneless chicken breast (I always cut the fat off), place two to three pieces of chicken in a gallon freezer bag and pound it flat. I always use a rolling pin. It works perfectly. You can add other spices in your marinade. I added fresh lime and onion powder to this one. By using the maple syrup, it adds a really nice glaze and it’s delicious.

My boss, Dr. Andrews, gave me a grill pad that I put on my grill; it’s kind of neat. I’ve only used it a couple of times. He said he bought them on Amazon. I like it.

Next step, drain your marinade and put the chicken on sticks or skewer. Please make sure you soak your sticks in water for a good hour. It's the first thing I do before I start this recipe.

How long do you marinate? You should marinate for at least two hours or overnight. Just remember, the longer you let it sit, the stronger it becomes. I love lots of flavor so I’m an overnighter.

Heat your grill on medium and cook for about 10 minutes depending on your grill. I’m going to serve mine on a salad. Boom, dinner is served.

I hope you enjoy this one. You can also use boneless lamb, pork or steak, it’s all good.

Thank you for your ongoing support. Be safe and have an awesome week, folks.