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Mama D’s omelet

Wed, 08/14/2019 - 7:45am

I’m so excited to be on my new adventure … breakfast. Yes, I’m traveling around to some of my favorite places. I’m on vacation this week and so is my very dear friend Kris Hepburn. Now there is no special order that I’m dinning in. Mama D’s came to mind so I texted Kris up and said let’s go ... she was on board.

Lorie and Noel have been friends of mine for many years – good people all around. All three of my girls have worked for them; the twinners still do. Lorie has been good to all three of my girls over the years. I’m grateful.

Now, the omelet she makes with brie, spinach and bacon is to die for as you can see from the pictures I’ve taken. It is cooked to perfection with the brie seeping out of the omelet’s sides. It came with golden brown hash browns and a grilled English muffin (Mama D’s also carries gluten free English muffins and breads). I’ve always had an awesome breakfast at Mama D’s. It is very consistent and very busy. Please be patient as they work out of a very small area. When they have waiting lines (every day, lol) they are going as fast as they can, so if you have to wait for a moment, kick back … it’s well worth it.

Another popular item on the breakfast menu is waffles. Kris had one plain with lots of butter and a side of bacon. You can top off your waffles with fresh fruits, nuts and whipped cream as well. Make it your own. You can handpick what you'd like on it.

I want to give everyone a heads up. They will be closed this Saturday, Aug. 17 for a very special wedding. Congratulations Kristin and Nick, you’re going to be blessed with a wonderful day. We love you all.

Mama D’s is open daily 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Thanks guys for letting me enjoy another amazing meal.

I’m off to find my next spot. Enjoy the rest of your summer. Taking the granddaughters Lilly and Kate school shopping … yikes it’s that time of year.

Be kind and play nice.