Maine Tourism Association launches new campaign promoting importance of Maine’s largest industry

Mon, 11/28/2016 - 12:30pm

    The Maine Tourism Association has launched a new campaign highlighting Maine’s largest industry and the positive impact a strong tourism economy has on all sectors of Maine’s economy. The campaign, I Am Maine Tourism, features seven video spots with individuals from seven diverse backgrounds telling in their own words how tourism plays an important role in their profession and business.

    “It is critical for the public and policy makers to know tourism is Maine’s largest economy, and it is driving Maine’s businesses,” said Chris Fogg, CEO of the Maine Tourism Association. “What is unique about this campaign is that you are hearing from real Mainers, not actors, sharing in their own words about how they are a part of Maine’s tourism economy.”

    The videos feature a marine retailer, a superintendent of schools, a real estate agent, a car salesperson, a farmer, a hardware store owner, and a landscaper – all professions not normally associated with tourism but that all benefit from revenue generated from the tourism industry.

    The campaign debut the first of a series of ads through the Maine Tourism Association’s Legislative Advocacy Facebook (Maine Tourism Association Legislative Advocacy) and Twitter (MTA Advocates @mtaadvocacy) sites. Over the course of the next two months, all seven ads will be previewed on these sites as well as on YouTube. The organization also plans airing the campaign on TV during the winter months on Maine’s major network channels.

    According to 2015 statistics from the Maine Office of Tourism, tourism supports nearly 99,000 jobs in Maine, roughly 15 percent of employment in the state and greater than the populations of Portland and Augusta combined. Household income generated through jobs supported by tourism was more than $2 billion.

    To view one of the videos, please click on the following link: