letter to the editor

Maine tax returns and $850 checks

Mon, 06/06/2022 - 3:30pm

Dear Editor:

In order to get the $850.00 stimulus check, it is necessary to file a Maine income tax return even if they normally do not file returns. Maine returns can be filed as late as October 15 this year. I find this an odd way to do this but it is how they set it up.

It also seems strange the state and the federal government is sending out checks disregarding if the money is needed or wanted. It is like automatically putting individuals on welfare. Seems like giving more to those who truly need it might be a more responsible thing to do. How many would not ask for a check if they needed to ask for it but really did not need it.

In addition there is a small Sales Tax Fairness Credit and Property Tax Fairness Credit that may be available to low income taxpayers from the state of Maine. You can apply online for free through the Maine Revenue Office but that seems overly complicated.

To file returns you will need forms showing income from Social Security, Pensions and other sources. Tax preparation in person assistance is available from United Way at 34 Wing Farm Parkway. Call for an appointment at 207-443-9752.

Thomas Boudin, CPA